St George’s Church, Chichester

The church’s ageing sound system was not reaching everyone in the congregation and messages were being lost due to the variations in the speaking pace and style of visiting clergy and lay speakers. The sound system required constant adjustments to get adequate results and this was taking its toll on the church staff.

We visited the church to discuss the issues with the current sound system and after listening carefully to the needs of the church presented a number of options. We demonstrated the system we felt would provide the best results and completed the installation within 7 days, working around the church routines to allows activities to carry on as normal.

We replaced the ageing PA system at St George’s, Chichester with a modern public-address system utilising Bose MA12 line-arrays, automatic microphone mixer and live mixing desk. In the words of the rector our installed systems “dramatically improved the clarity of the spoken word”.

Services Provided

  • Bose Panaray MA12 loudspeakers
  • Bose Freespace DS40SE loudspeakers
  • Bose Panaray Bass loudspeakers
  • Allen + Heath Digital Sound Desk
  • Amplification