Automatic Blinds


Automatic blinds and curtains are a luxurious component of a smart home technology system. When they are connected to a centralised control system, including Control4, blinds and curtains can be programmed to close during the day if too much sunlight causes the room temperature to increase, or they can be opened or closed at set times during the day.



Qmotion offers a range of motorised, entirely wireless and almost silent blinds. They work stand alone, via a native app or can be linked to home automation systems, including Control4.

Qmotion’s unique Zigbee motors allows precise control of a blind or curtain track allowing you  to open or close a window blind or curtain by 32%, if you choose. D-Cell batteries located discretely within the roller of the blind and lasting up to 5 years* allow simple installation.

*based upon opening /closing twice per day

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