Multi-Room Audio

Listen in isolation....or the whole house!

Multi room audio enables you to listen to audio in different rooms of the house, without having to carry a portable speaker around. It can be the same audio source played across the house or different content in different room.

While the basic functionality of a multi room audio system is the same, some are simply just a brand of speakers that are connected together such as Sonos or the Apple Home Pod, whilst a full integrated system like Control4 uses centralised amplifiers that work with any brands of speakers.

The system type you choose will depend upon the type of project you are embarking on as well as your ultimate goal.



As an example, a Sonos speaker system allows you to buy a selection of Sonos speakers, which connect wirelessly together and are controlled individually by an app installed on your smartphone or tablet. For retro-fit solutions a Sonos solution may be ideal as there are minimal infrastructure requirements.

Sounds simple enough, but how does a multi room speaker system actually work?

wireless multi-room speaker systems rely on a wireless connection, and you use an app on your smartphone or tablet to locate them, even if they are in another room. This means you don’t have to move from the sofa in the living room to change the playlist in the dining room, or get out of bed in the morning to play the radio in the kitchen.

And with streaming services like Spotify® or Apple Music® you can stream your playlist whilst you are cooking or entertaining.

Control4 Multi-Room Audio

If you are embarking on a new build or major renovation are centralised system may be more appropriate to you, particularly if you are looking to add in other smart home features. A Control4 Multi-Room Audio solution provides all the features of above, and a whole host more.

Control4’s multi-room audio solution, is ideal for major refurbishment, although retro fit is also possible. With Control4, you able to choose the quality of amplifiers and speakers for every zone, as well as linking up to full digital cinema systems. This allows you to choose hidden speakers for the planted areas of a garden, ceiling speakers in a master bedroom and a full B & W Dolby Atom solution in your home cinema.

Installing a Control4 multi-room audio system also opens your home up to the world of smart home automation.


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