Control4 Lighting

New-Build or Renovation

Control4 Lighting is suitable for new build or retro fit with either a centralised control system or wireless dimming keypads. With the centralised control system option wires are run to a centralised location—such as a utility or garage, eliminating a need for banks of switches (“wall acne”) instead, replacing control of individual or sets of light fittings with stylish and elegant keypads.



Control4 wireless dimming keypads are suitable for retro fitting into an existing property and can often be more cost-effective than retrofitting a wired system. In areas where you would prefer not to cut open walls for cable running, wireless dimmers, switches, and keypads make for an ideal control interface.

Control4 also interfaces with products from other lighting brands including Rako and Lutron Lighting.

Get in Touch

We’d be delighted to visit you to discuss your Control4 Lighting automation requirements and to provide an evaluation of your multi-room audio-visual, lighting, control or security requirements. Contact us today or visit our Control4 microsite to find out more.

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