Four Seasons (Stage 1)

At the heart of this luxurious hi-tech family home filled with luxury, style and comfort (and its own private cinema) is a Control4 control system providing full automation and control of lighting, heating and entertainment systems via simple to use and familiar touch screens.

Lighting systems throughout the house use Mode EDIN dimming systems, linked to Control4 control systems, allowing level adjustments, schedules and simple switching on and off of lighting every room, centrally, remotely or locally.

Five large format screens in rooms spread across the house and in addition to the cinema screens and outdoor spa screen are linked via an HD video matrix system, sending HD quality video to all of the screens across the entire house.

The energy efficient heating system is also controlled via the Control4 system to provide complete flexibility and scheduling of heating programs and temperatures.

Services Provided

  • Video Wall Installation
  • Holographic Screen
  • LCD Projector
  • Video Servers and Processors
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