For the private owners of this property in Stamford, Lincolnshire, a delightful and expansive new build-home with private home cinema, we designed, supplied and installed a completely modular multi-room audio system and home cinema system.

All main rooms including the master bedroom have integrated speakers located in ceilings with wall mounted touch screen controllers located inside the entrance to each room.

This system operates over CAT5, making installation simple and minimises cabling.

Each zone has its own touch-screen controller. Within each zone is a local input connection point, allowing audio from the TV to be connected. Each zone of the house can select from a number of centrally located audio sources, including a music server which stores a vast number of CD quality audio tracks, a radio tuner and portable devices.

The touch screen provides access to the full track lists  and allows access to music from any room in the house. The installed system can also integrate with lighting control systems, allowing the touch screens to control lighting scenes around the house, providing the ultimate home automation system.

A large-format flat-screen TV in the home cinema room has input  sources from Sky HD, Blue-Ray and a video server. The video server device allows full access to a DVD library at the touch of a button.

The cinema room audio system provides extremely high-quality audio via a multi-channel speaker system with a colour wireless touch screen controller providing flexible control. Home Cinema seating provides the finishing touches to the room.

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