The Ultimate Teen Bedroom

Working with T-Positive we delivered the ultimate teen bedroom in this private family home. Colour changing LED lighting, fibre-optic star light ceiling, proximity sensors for in-wardrobe lighting, surround sound, 50” TV screen linked to automatic ambient lighting and everything controlled by touch screen were just some of the features of this amazing bedroom.

The design concept was led by the client who had very clear ideas of how he wanted his bedroom to look. Interior designers T-Positive pulled together a team of contractors including AB Audio Visual to produce a stunning room.

The concept for the bedroom is room minimalist, with virtually all surfaces in white excluding the light wood furniture. Colour is added to the room using the installed energy-efficient LED colour changers located around the perimeter of the bedroom.

The ceiling has a fibre-optic star effect designed upon the Gemini constellation. The control of these fibre-optic lights is integrated with the control of the LED colour changes so that brightness, colour and effect can be synchronised for maximum effect.

An AMX wireless control touch-screen control system allows complete flexibility and control including some automation.

The control system is designed to detect the presence of anyone walking into the bedroom lobby and subsequently switches on or off a pre-selected level of lighting. This carries through into the bedroom where a motion detector and a detector fitted to the wardrobe doors increase the lighting levels should a door be opened.

A large format flat screen is fed by Sky Q and Blu-Ray player. A lighting preset linked to the TV system ensures the correct level of lighting is achieved every time the TV is switched on. Audio is delivered via a Bose Lifestyle system.

The control of the screen, lighting and audio system is automated to remove the annoyance of switching on and selecting the correct settings on a number of devices.

As en example pressing the Sky button switches on the Sky box, but also switches on the TV screen on the correct input, switches on the audio amplifier with a suitable starting volume and correct input settings and also reduces the lighting to the pre- determined level.

A master off switch located at the main door will switch off all AV and lighting equipment at a single press.

The control system also controls the window blinds, bathroom TV and bathroom audio systems.

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