Grade II Listed Home, North London

Our client bought this grade 2 listed property in early 2014. It had previously been divided into two separate dwellings. His intention was to bring it back to a large single property. Despite wanting high tech equipment throughout the house, he wanted the property to look very traditional. Working with the interior designers our challenge was to install a full Control4 system throughout the property without damaging the look and integrity of the building.

The property featured a substantial amount of lighting, some 170 circuits, which were controlled by the Control4 centralised lighting system. In order to keep to the traditional look, in the majority of rooms we used Victorian Style retractive light switches from Wandsworth to access the lighting scenes. In a few rooms it was decided that the light switches and sockets would be invisible. To achieve this we used the Forbes and Lomax range of invisible switches where the faceplate was wallpapered.

Centralised Media sources were distributed in 4k to 10 rooms around the property, including a small home cinema. HD audio was also piped throughout the property to 16 audio zones. In four of the rooms it was imperative to have quality audio but with no visible speakers. Plastered in speakers were installed in the ceiling with a hidden sub woofer. The rest of the property featured Bowers & Wilkins Speakers.

Security was a must. Numerous CCTV cameras were placed externally around the property along with a small number of internal ones. For access control a Door station video intercom was installed on the gate, with four wall mounted touch screens located around the home allowing the owner to communicate with visitors and open the gate if necessary. The alarm system was linked Control4 in order to utilise PIR’s to trigger lighting events.

All the windows at the front of the property have Qmotion wireless blinds. The battery powered rollers avoided the difficulties of getting cables into some of the window reveals which were unplastered finished stone. The Zigbee motors link to Control4 which has given us the option to automatically close blinds by time of day, but also by an increase in temperature caused by the sun.

The heating system uses Heatmiser to control a massive number of separate zones which have wet underfloor, electric underfloor and radiators. Every radiator is fed by its own separate port on a high temperature manifold ; separate underfloor manifolds lets the client have precise control of the temperature. All the temperature sensors are hidden away along with the room stats, avoiding ‘wall acne’.

Services Provided

  • Control4 Control System
  • Home Cinema System
  • Audio System
  • Automatic Blind System
  • Heatmiser Heating Control System
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